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Underground Rap Song.


Cold Crush
I'm cray cray craze
Got beats for days
Got something dope to say
I hope it pays
Buffy on the mic
You know I slay
Underground sound
Like being black and gay
My tongue is a gun
Run from the sun rays
I break out and space out
From the milky way
Cold crushin
Freeze what I'm touchin
Never see me lose
Dude you must be lunchin
Rhyme over time
And not even punch in
Until I'm fired
Words like water
That call up fire
I rock and I roll
Just like a tire
Michael Jordan I retire
And comeback
Rock the bells
Like the hunchback
On the Internet
Where I pump rap
I roll dices with prices
Where I pump rap
I roll dices with prices
Where I pump gas
And grab a dunce cap
Wearing Adidas like I run rap
Mortal Kombat
Emerge from the verge
Underground like a wombat
Watching revenge of the nerds
I evolve
From a lizard to a bird
Straight off the block
Get kicked off the curb
Your ethusiam
Get nervous
And spasm
Clean out your ears
When you hear this eargasm
Faster than a master that pass the deer staring at phantom
Boogie Down
Bringing Wolverine
Graffitti to your town
Free the monster
Talk like Iwalk with a sponsor
Chocolate Willy Wonka
Candy Man
Say my name 3 times
Break out a beat
Speak a free rhyme
Form the streets
Where I spend my time
Going to work
Going to school
Spending Bending
Graffiti lines for the next rhyme
I'm like a pine
Reaching for a fork
But there aint no pie
Tom Cruise
I'm smooth like Vanilla Sky
In the place like Ace of Base
I saw the sign
In neon
I swing on a Klingon
Get the middle finger
Where I wear my my ring on
Elegant universe for every verse I string on
The web
Outswim the ebb
Flow and let it go
Like Batman off the edge
My nose is big
Like Potato head
Nice like Jesus Christ
I'm raisin' dead
Barbaric barber
Aiming at your head
Best friend is a bear
Like the movie Ted
Staring at mandalas
Until my eyes are red
Sunshine on Shop of Horror
My plants are fed


released 12 February 2013
Beat by Cerberus Circuitbreaker. Lyrics by Cerberus Circuitbreaker.



all rights reserved


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Cerberus Circuitbreaker

I am from the Bronx and I have always been in the hip hop movement.I have been rapping since the age of eight, and has always favored an artsy lyricist wordplay style.

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